Unifying Designs: The Story Behind the 2023 Queensland Reds Pasifika Warmup Tee

Introducing the 2023 Queensland Reds Pasifika Warmup Tee: A Celebration of Pacific Heritage and Unity.

The Queensland Reds Pasifika Warmup Tee for 2023 is a tribute to the cultural heritage of our players who with respect and honour, proudly represent the Pasifika culture and peoples. The design concept brings together familiar patterns and symbols seen throughout the Pacific, merging them into a powerful and unified graphic that reflects the connection of the players to their Pasifika culture.

2023 Queensland Reds Pasifika Warmup Tee

Design Concept

The design of the Pasifika Warmup Tee is a fusion of many familiar patterns and symbols that honour heritage and connection to Pasifika life. The individual designs come together to form a powerful, unified design that brings all the cultures of the Pacific together as one. The intricate design of the tee mirrors the proud tapestry of our shared heritage, highlighting the significance of individuality in contributing to the team's success, while also emphasising the profound influence of the team in shaping each player.

The individual designs pay tribute to the unique cultural symbols of Pasifika peoples, acknowledging the significance of each design in their respective cultures. The designs represent courage, strength, unity, family, respect, and the determination to never give up.

Symbolism of Designs

SAMOA - Fa’aulutao – The spearhead signifies courage of a warrior and strength in battle. It’s designed to express courage and fight. Providing for ones family. It’s also used to represent a dominance, will power and warrior spirit - or warrior like attributes. Symbolic of trying to defeat ones enemies

TONGA - Manulua - it refers to two birds or two pairs of bird wings. The bringing of groups or families together. This is about unity and belonging / connections.

FIJI - Senibua Qoroi - Frangipani - Flower is a symbol of love, family and respect.

COOK ISLANDS - Tangaroa - God of the ocean & Ngaru - waves. The breaking waves design symbolise strength. Striving for improvement.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - The kumul (bird of paradise) is the national emblem of PNG. It flies proudly on their flag and represents freedom and independence.

INDIGENOUS - Kangaroo tracks. Aboriginal design representing the footprints of the kangaroo (national symbol of Australia).

MAORI - Mangopare. It symbolises strength, determination, and an unwillingness to give in no matter what may stand in front go you!

A Celebration of Heritage and Unity

The 2023 Queensland Reds Pasifika Warmup Tee not only celebrates the heritage of individual players but also symbolises the power of people and how our shared values are bringing communities together. This tee is a tribute to the artists, elders, and cultural guardians who have shared their knowledge and insights, making it a truly collaborative project.

Overall, the 2023 Queensland Reds Pasifika Warmup Tee is more than just a piece of clothing, it represents a celebration of culture, diversity, and unity.

The 2023 Queensland Reds Pasifika Warmup Tee is available now in Mens and Kids sizes from shop.redsrugby.com.au.