Queensland Reds Replica Indigenous Jersey

      Queensland Reds Indigenous Jersey 2024

      We're proud to present the 13th Queensland Reds Indigenous Jersey. The 2024 Indigenous Jersey will be worn by the Queensland Reds Super Rugby Pacific team for the 2024 Indigenous Round fixture against the Western Force. It will also feature as the alternative jersey against the Crusaders in Christchurch, and in away matches for the Queensland Reds Super Rugby Women’s team.

      The jersey features artwork designed by Naomi Buchanan and KCI Fisher, from The Glennie School in Toowoomba. The inspiration for their design is a story of connections; with many, coming together as one. This unique design depicts footprints and the interconnected pathways of our Queensland Reds community, combined with a deep love for the place we call home.

      Naomi and KCI explain that ‘’the meeting in the centre represents the Queensland Reds community. The pathways, leading to the centre with footprints, are the people coming together from all over Queensland to make up the Reds community. The different colours of red show the diversity of people walking their different paths. The spaces in between the pathways are the different parts which make up our beautiful state of Queensland, such as the beaches (saltwater), the tropics, agricultural areas, the outback, animal tracks, and the freshwater which runs all over Queensland and which connects us all."

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      3 products